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TV and film production is a lot of work.
We make it efficient and cost effective.

E Studio Network is the cloud-based platform of choice for some of the largest TV and film studios for tracking and managing people, projects, documents, on boarding, travel, assets, and much more.


E Studio Network is a secure, cloud-based collaboration platform designed to make the day-to-day production workflow tasks more efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly.

Global Collaboration 24/7

Access E Studio Network anytime, anywhere, from any device, on a single web-based system. Keep everyone—studio, cast, and crew users—on the same page with up-to-date information to ensure the production runs as smooth as possible, on time and within budget.

Production- and Role-Based Permissions

Assign cast and crew users to one or multiple productions with project-specific roles, permissions and restrictions. Set permissions and restrictions for studio personnel across multiple productions. Role and permission assignment is flexible and customizable by job titles for studio and crew.

File Sharing and Document Management

Securely upload, exchange, and store all essential documents for every production. Limit access to those sensitive daily reports, scripts, above-the-line contact lists, budgets, etc. using secure folders with role-based permissions.

Watermarking and Distribution

Get a script run out and distributed in minutes rather than hours. Watermark and email a single or one hundred scripts to users within a production with a few clicks of the mouse. Easily distribute scripts, call sheets, schedules, reports, etc. with the docCart.

Travel Authorizations

Streamline the travel approval process with an automated and paperless workflow. Electronically submit travel authorizations (TAs) for approval. Auto-notify approvers of pending TAs. View TA details online for quick approval. Instantly email approved TAs as PDFs to travel agents.

Crew Hire and On Boarding

Generate and print a completed start paperwork packet in a few minutes. Easily keep track of crew compliance requirements based on job title and update the status as each requirement is met with a few clicks of a button.

Accounting Workflow

Maintain visibility with the creation and approval of competitive bids and journal entries as well as tracking and managing petty cash limits.

Asset Books

Keep track of production assets whether wrapping a show or in the middle of multiple productions. Manage props, costumes, equipment, and other assets purchased by the production. View and/or print asset images and descriptions as individual pages or entire books in PDF format.

Element Tracking

Track the movement of audio and video media (DVD, HDCAM SR, Dat, etc) for marketing and post production, including how it was moved from location to location, and see full audit trail.

The E Studio Network Story

E Studio Network (ESN) is the entertainment industry's pioneer in web-based TV and film production collaboration. For over 10 years, ESN has been used by major studios in Hollywood and around the world.

ESN was founded in 2001 by producer Mark Tarlov. It was originally designed as a Hollywood film and TV procurement platform but evolved into the most comprehensive workforce and product management platform on the market. Over 2,000 TV and film productions have used the ESN platform.

In 2010 ESN contracted with 3 Story Software, a leading workforce management company based in Connecticut, to re-write the original ESN product on a scalable and more secure modern web architecture. 3 Story Software rebuilt the product and re-launched it in 2011 and subsequently acquired the ESN assets in November 2012.

ESN has become a key product of 3 Story Software and continues to evolve towards becoming an even bigger platform, soon to be integrated with major payroll organizations, a mobile version planned for later in 2013, and much more.

E Studio Network is a product of 3 Story Software, a Hays company. Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.
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